How to build a board you won’t hate

Board meetings can turn out to be an extremely exhausting affair – both mentally and physically. However, if you’re privy to a number of board meetings for different departments/ companies, you would realize that some board meetings are likely to leave you energized while others can turn out to be extremely tiring. If you’re a startup founder or a startup CEO who is looking to form a new board, here are a few tips that should help you to build a board you won’t hate.

Understand the purpose behind the creating of the board

Make sure that you define a strong sense of purpose for your board. Establishing a formal objective board is extremely important for a startup, especially in cases where you’re likely to require help. You need to ensure that your board of directors are honest, objective, efficient, responsible and trustworthy. It is also important to ensure that the efficiency levels of your board members meet industry standards. The best boards are always a proper mix of experienced personnel who have a deep understanding of the industry and representatives from the investors.

Run the board meeting with style

A healthy and productive board can prove to be extremely beneficial for any organization. If you have a sense of what you desire your board to accomplish, start thinking about your own styles of leadership and determine individuals who are most likely to complement you on the board. It is also important to be honest about the entire process. Some CEOs are likely to prefer more control on the board while others are known to offer their board members a free hand and encourage direct relationships between personnel. The approach that works best depends on your own leadership style and capabilities.

Never let your board members take control of the board

As the CEO you are responsible for the functioning of the organization. Make sure that you never lose sight of the same. Your board members can act as advisory personnel, but the final decision must always be yours. It is also important to remember to fight for what you believe in.

Keep an eye on your company

Investors and management are likely to rely on board meetings in order to communicate with one another. However, it doesn’t take time for these meetings to turn into a farce. Many a times, structured meetings do not provide anything productive because most of the effort and energies in handling problems and disputes. Therefore, you need to understand how to handle strategy sessions outside your board meetings as well. Remember, the less structured the meeting, the more valuable inputs you’re likely to receive.

As a startup founder or a startup CEO, things are never going to be easy for you. Your job can soon become extremely lonely and you could even begin to second guess your decisions. The secret behind being a CEO who lost control of the organization and a CEO who steered the organization to greater heights is to have faith in your beliefs, build a proper board structure and run your organization from the very top.

Find good mobile applications and games now!

Mobile games and applications are something that has become very popular among all people all around the world. Playing games on a laptop or computer is awesome because the graphics is bigger and bigger is always better. Most of us enjoy it to play games on our laptop because when the screen that we play on is bigger the graphics are better. Graphics are a very important part of a good game and if the graphics are not good it can ruin the whole game and the experience you get of playing it. To have an awesome experience of playing a game the game itself has to be perfect in order to give the perfect experience of gaming.

There are many different devices on which you can play games, but a mobile device is the most popular and the best. The reason that I say that a mobile device is the best to play on is because when you choose to play mobile games you can play anywhere and anytime that you want. A laptop is awesome to play games on but it can become uncomfortable to play games on it anywhere because it is still big. That is why mobile games are so awesome because w mobile device is small and it is designed to be on-the-go where a laptop is more uncomfortable. Most of us own a mobile device and you can get games for almost any device, but not all of us have a computer that is why mobile games are so popular.

If you were wondering where you can get access to these awesome mobile games, you know you are living in the 21st century and you can get easy access to amazing mobile games. The way that the 21st century offers to get easy access to these awesome games is to look on the internet, if you live in this era you would have also though of this first. The internet is a platform where you can get pretty much anything that you are looking for, there you can find anything from entertainment to work opportunities. The internet is what our worlds evolve around these days because it is so huge and it can provide you with anything that you are looking for and it is easy to get your hands on. You can download or play online mobile games almost anywhere on the internet, when you search for mobile games in a second there will be many options available for you. In a blink of an eye there will be so many options available and displayed to you that you will not know even which one to choose and which one not to choose. You need to choose a good mobile game in order to have an awesome experience while playing mobile games.


A good mobile game will have many things like good graphics, it will not be too big in size or too little, remember to look for something with quality. If you play a low quality game, the experience you get from that game will also be low quality and then you will hate mobile games. When you have had one awful experience with mobile games, that experience will stay with you and I can guarantee you that you would not want to give it a second chance.

Make sure that the game you choose whether you play online or you download the game, make sure that it is a very good game. A good game is something that is out there on the internet you just have to find it, if you want to know if a mobile game is good you can do a few things to find out if it is good. The first thing you can do is you can look at its rating, that is the stars given to the specific game or application, the rating is usually out of five stars. You can also look at some screenshots and read reviews about the mobile games in order to find out whether or not the game or application is good.

Mobile games and applications that will make your life awesome!

Awesome and unique mobile applications and games.

Many helpful things were invented through the years like a microwave in which meals can be made very easily. We all are very thankful for the inventors who invented all of these things, other things that were invented was things like an electronic kettle and a vacuum machine.

Lately a new thing became very popular and that thing is applications, these days you can download an application that make something easier or more comfortable. There are not only applications that will make your life easier and more comfortable but there are also applications that will make something just more exciting like a photo editing application.

Well, the truth is that there are many applications that can either make your life easier and more comfortable or can make it more exciting. There are so many people that do not know about these awesome applications and how they can make anyone’s life more convenient. A simple application like a GPS is something that most of us have on our mobile devices and the awesome thing is that we use it from time to time. A GPS on a mobile device probably sounds like a waste because there are the original GPS that is better than a mobile GPS for most people. Not everyone have a GPS that they can use, but most of us have a mobile device on which we already have or can download a free GPS. For instance, Blackberries come out with a GPS already installed in it so if you have a Blackberry you do not even have to download one.

You know, banking have become something that we hate to do inside a real bank, no one likes to stand in a bank for possibly hours just to pay something over to someone or whatever you have to do in a bank. Most of us wished for a virtual bank where we can do everything we need to do anywhere that we want to do it, there is something like that. Internet banking is something that were invented to make our lives easier and more convenient, when you use internet banking you can do what you have to in a few clicks. Internet banking cannot only be done on a computer and that is what makes it more awesome because not everyone has a computer and internet access, but most people have a mobile device. You can download an internet banking application onto your mobile device and do your banking from wherever you are. I think doing banking from anywhere makes the banking application very popular because we do not always have a computer with us but we do have a mobile device with us most of the time.

In the old days when people used to shop the old school way they used to walk and walk until their feet hurt to do any kind of shopping, whether it is searching for something specific or doing basic grocery shopping. That, my friends, has come to an end, nobody have to walk around endlessly in shopping centres, because online shopping was invented. Our lives are made so easy for us, I mean it is very awesome that we can just go online and do our shopping without even having to leave the house.
These days there are not only awesome applications that you can download on your mobile device, but there are also exciting games available to download. We all get bored sometime or another and that is when it is so awesome to have these games on your mobile device which you can download and play anywhere and anytime that you want to. There are a wide variety of games for you to download or if you prefer to you can even play them online without installing their software onto your mobile device.

We can all thank the amazing inventors that invented these awesome mobile games and applications to make our lives more convenient and for us to simply enjoy.

The convenience of mobile games and applications

We are living in the 21st and in this century everything is designed to make our lives more comfortable and easier. In the past people used had to go through so much trouble just to get simple things done, things like going to the bank or like shopping. That are two things that have become something that was something that we dreaded to do and now it has become so much easier. Banking were something that we hated to do because it took hours and nobody likes to stand in a line for hours just to do something as simple as paying money over to someone else. Women love shopping, it is in their DNA , but women hate to walk around shopping for something until their feet hurt. Luckily, today, we do not have to go through so much trouble, we can thank the inventors for spending so much time and money to invent internet banking and online shopping.

The 21st century offers so many awesome things that were invented just to make our lives more comfortable, convenient and easier. Just think of all the things that we use today to make something easier, quicker, more comfortable and more convenient like a food processor and a laptop or tablet. In the old days it took longer to chop the food than to prepare it and it was a lot of trouble to do it because chopping with a knife can result in getting hurt bad. Using a food processor makes everything just so much easier because you just have to put the food in it and put it on.

Do you remember how uncomfortable a personal computer was?

If you had to take it somewhere you had to take like four components which were all heavy and you could never take it everywhere you go. A very intelligent inventor took the time to invent something that we can take everywhere that can serve as a computer on-the-go. Almost all of us nowadays have a laptop, to have a personal computer is just not effective anymore because we all like to take our computer with us. A laptop allows us to take the work we do anywhere and work anywhere, just think of how many people take their laptop with them everywhere. A laptop is a full computer, but even with that we were still not satisfied, we wanted something that is even more convenient and more compatible that we can take anywhere. The inventors were intelligent again and they invented a tablet which is like a big mobile device and a mini laptop.

Nowadays we can play mobile games and we can take the game with us everywhere we go and play anywhere that we want to. Mobile games have become something that is very popular because it is so exciting and very convenient, you can play mobile games on-the-go. There are a wide variety of mobile games that will amaze and entertain you for as long as you want to play them.

The mobile applications that were invented to make our lives more comfortable are something that is very useful. Just think of all the awesome and exciting applications that most of us have on our mobile devices, the most popular application is a GPS. A GPS is an electronic sort of map that guides of without the mess of a traditional map. If you are driving by yourself somewhere you cannot read a traditional map, it will be almost impossible because you cannot drive and read the map. Mobile applications is available to everyone and almost all mobile devices, for instance Android has an application store where you can download all the applications that we want. The other mobile devices also have places where you can download the applications that you want to and the awesome thing is that most of the applications are free.